About Anglican Life Rangiora

In our church family, the Anglican Parish of Rangiora, we rejoice in acknowledging Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. We want to know him better in our own lives – and would love for other people to know him better as well.

We do this by meeting together regularly. We meet in church every Sunday – and many people also catch up with one another during the week as well. We pray together – we lean on our Lord and depend on his goodness.

We come to know and love Jesus more by asking God to help us understand the Scriptures which he has given us in the Bible. We know (because he has told us!) that they’re able to make people wise for salvation – and to equip us for every good work.

We’re very ordinary people – and we’re flawed. We rely on God’s mercy and grace. Because we know this in our own lives, we want to share it with others.