I'm New

If you are not someone who is used to coming to church – there is no need to worry.

Anyone is welcome to come to church on a Sunday. You don’t need to be a Christian – and although we are an Anglican church, you don’t need to know anything about that!

There is no cost for attending a church service. It’s our delight to share God’s message of forgiveness, which is free to everyone. We wouldn’t wish any guests who visit us to contribute to our costs – we are simply delighted to have you with us.

At a church service, you can expect a friendly welcome – but you won’t be asked to do anything or participate in the service itself. You can expect to hear the Bible spoken about, for there to be a few songs sung together, and for the people in church to join in by saying some parts of the service together (known in Anglican circles as ‘liturgy’).

If you’re new to Christianity and would like to know more about it – church is the best place to start. We also run a ‘Christianity Explored’ course on a regular basis, which is an easy way to learn ‘the basics’ of the Christian faith.